Dear Members,

On behalf of the President and members of the board of governors of the society, I have good news for you all.

The SASC is now formally registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional Designation and is now listed on the National Qualifications Framework. This is made possible by our affiliation agreement with The South African Communications Industries Association (SACIA) under the auspices of Kevan Jones.

We are members of SACIA, and the registered Professional Designation number is ‘No. 857’ – SASC, Professional Cinematographer’

This means that if you are a paid-up member you will automatically become part of the broader SACIA initiative – the aims of which are to elevate and maintain the highest levels of professionalism within the cinematographic discipline in South Africa. In order to achieve and maintain levels of professionalism, we have rigorously investigated adhering to and complying with CPD (Continuing Professional Development) criteria – as laid out by SACIA in compliance with SAQA regulations in this regard. The board of SASC will be sharing details of the CPD requirements to all of our members in due course. Remember, as an active member, your current participation in working structures within the film industry, as well as your leadership and/or mentorship role is also incorporated into the CPD points accrual system.

In the next two and a half years it is expected that it will be required by law to have a certified Professional Designation.

Join us in elevating the visibility and good standing of the society to all industry players. Our association with SACIA will greatly contribute towards creating a sustainable path for professionals in filmmaking in our country – who wish to attain and promulgate the highest standards of cinematography.

We will be having a general meeting in the near future to update the members on the way forward.

We thank you.

On behalf of the SASC Board of Governors

Duane Rogers SASC

Executive Secretary