AssociatE member

Associate Member of the SASC Conditions:

Associated membership is open to cameramen or women who have undertaken work that does not fit the full SASC membership requirements, but who are professionally active in the industry.

The applicant must be a resident of the Republic of South Africa and must be nominated by an existing member in good standing and approved at a society meeting of the SASC BOARD OF GOVERNORS.

Associate SASC Members are entitled to use the wording ‘Associate SASC’ or ‘Assoc. SASC’ after their names on correspondence and CVs but NOT on any SCREEN CREDITS.

All members will have access to the SASC’s internal communication and correspondence and will be listed as an Associate Member of the SASC on our website giving them further credibility.

This membership is the beginning of their journey to become a SASC full member.

This membership currently carries a joining fee of R300 plus an annual subscription of R250 per annum.

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