Jo Oosthuizen gets his third Primetime Emmy nomination
Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming
– Survivor “Caramoan – Fans vs. Favourites” CBS, Mark Burnet
From a very young age his dad motivated him to work hard, never give up and to always finish the job at hand no matter what. Growing up in his mother’s art gallery had a big influence on his creativity and his appreciation for beautifully “framed” pictures. Feature films took his mind on an incredible journey and he could never get enough of this visual form of story telling. In 2003 he completed his bachelors degree in Audio Visual Production Management at the University of Johannesburg and started working as camera assistant to various award winning Cinematographers.
Since 2005 Jo worked as a Camera Operator always evolving as an artist behind the camera. Over the years he has worked in various genres including Feature Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Music videos, Drama series, Reality TV shows and it has taken him to thirty-one countries.
Jo has worked on fifteen seasons of the Emmy award winning Reality TV series Survivor – CBS and for other international broadcasters such asNational Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC, ITV, ABC and ESPN.
Jo was fascinated by steadicam shots and he knew very early in his career that he wanted to become a steadicam operator. In 2008 he invested in his own steadicam equipment for Film and HD cameras. Jo’s love for cinematic images caused him to focus more on Steadicam and Camera operating on Commercials and Feature Films. Jo is passionate about Cinematography with an addiction for amazing motion pictures. Composition, lighting, dynamic steadicam shots and the challenges that filming may bring is what he lives for. Jo enjoys experimenting with different styles and interpreting the director’s vision is extremely important to him.
Cameras that’s been flying on Jo’s rig include the Arricam LT, Arri 435, Moviecam Compact, Arri Alexa, Arri D21, Red One, Red Epic, 5 Camera DSLR rig, Sony F900, Sony PDW-F800 XDCAM, Panasonic Varicam, Panasonic HDX900…
Awards & Nominations:
Primetime Emmy Nomination Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming, SURVIVOR “South Pacific” Mark Burnett Productions / CBS, 2012
Primetime Emmy Nomination Outstanding Cinematography for Reality Programming, SURVIVOR “Redemption Island” Mark Burnett Productions / CBS, 2011

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