Fifteen members of the film industry founded the South African Society of Cinematographers in 1954.

Today we, the Society, are affiliated to all the major film producing countries in the world. Our membership stands at sixty-five with certain members active in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and Poland.

 The Society was established to advance the art and science of Cinematography and to encourage, foster and strive for excellence, artistic perfection and scientific knowledge in all matters pertaining to Cinematography. To bring together those leaders in Cinematography whose achievements in that field entitles them to membership in this Society, and to strive to maintain the highest possible standards, and that membership in this Society may become a mark of honour and distinction based on merit.

The Society hold the biennial SASC Visible Spectrum Awards, these awards celebrate and acknowledge the very best work produced by South African cinematographers. This is the only opportunity for cinematographers to show off their work, innovation and personalised styles and to see how it rates with their peers. It is also a chance to promote talent with the decision-makers of the South African Film and Television Industry.

Recognition by members of the SASC is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a South African cinematographer, a mark of prestige and distinction.

This year 2024, the South African Society of Cinematographers celebrates its Seventieth Anniversary.



Uwe Beckmann


Charles G Bengis



Duane Rogers

Exec Secretary / Treasurer

Jonathan de la Querra

Board Member

Rick Joaquim

Board Member

Vicci Turpin

Board Member

Colin Taylor

Board Member

Dominic Black

Board Member

Marius Van Straaten

Board Member

Tom Marais

Board Member

Dirk Moster

Board Member